some stuff we’ve done

Here are a few updates we have done. We got a light for the morning room. Originally we were going to put a ceiling fan in this room, but I was at a friends and I loved the light she had over her kitchen table. We headed to Lowe’s to get the same one. It’s hard to see it well in this photo but we love it. The table is staying for the time being. It doesn’t look great but it’s perfect for the kids to color and paint at. I got two stools for the bar between the morning room and kitchen.Rugs for the master bathroom. My in laws were in town last week, so my father in law built us stairs to the backyard. Now we just need the yard to be graded and seeded. These steps will stay until we decide on a deck or patio. I still can’t make up my mind. Yesterday our new couch was delivered. The delivery guys even put our old sleeper sofa in the basement for us. We could not figure out how to get it through the doorway, so I am so grateful they did it for us. My office (the bonus room) is still a total mess. I can’t decide how I want to set it up. A friend gave this to me when we moved in. She refinished it for herself and then grew tired of it so she passed it on to me. I love it. It is the perfect place to store all my photography stuff. 



We have made a lot of progress in the past week with the house. 99% of the boxes are unpacked. My office is still a mess, but I am working on it. I forgot to mention in my last post how great our new neighbors are. The day we moved in one neighbor brought us a vegetable lasagna and garlic bread and another brought us a plate of brownies. Here are some photos of a few of the rooms that are mostly put together. Our bedroom is so big and we just have old Ikea furniture in it, so it isn’t the nicest (no pictures of it yet). I am tempted to write to Nate Burkus and ask for a room makeover. 🙂

I love the morning room. We just need a new table for it and some bar stools for the counter. We ordered new couches for the family room but they haven’t come yet. These will go in the basement once the new ones come. Guest room

some photos

Everything went well with our closing last Wednesday and we actually got our keys about 2 hours after closing. They had originally said we wouldn’t be able to get them until the following day, but we got an email around 4 PM saying we could move in. I took photos of each of the rooms before we moved in. I will post more photos once the rooms are set up. We are slowly unpacking and have made a lot progress so far. My mom unpacked all the kitchen boxes and organized the entire kitchen the day we moved in. I am so thankful that she did that for us.

Family RoomKitchenMorning Room – Before we moved in we were debating whether to put a table or couch here. After living here for a few days we have decided on a table. Dining RoomLiving RoomBonus RoomMaster Bedroom

the good news and the bad news

The good news – we are closing today! The bad news – we will not be given our keys until tomorrow. We found out around 4:00 yesterday that the title company won’t be able to wire our money to Ryan Homes until tomorrow. Apparently they can’t receive wires after 2:00, it would have been nice if someone had told us this so we would have scheduled our closing earlier then 1:00. Needless to say I was not happy yesterday and my dad, our realtor, spent a while trying to get this worked out but no such luck. Hopefully we will be given our keys Thursday morning and we will move on Friday.

pre-settlement walk through

I just got home from our pre-settlement walk through. It went really well. There were just a few cosmetic issues that need touched up. They will take care of them before we close on Wednesday. Everything in the house looks great and I am so excited and ready to move. I will post pictures of the finished house on Wednesday or Thursday before we put all our stuff in.


I took a picture of the granite and kitchen when I stopped by the house yesterday. I didn’t even notice the appliances were in until I got home and looked at the photo. I am not sure about the granite color. I am thinking it would have looked better darker. The granite color is golden garnet.

getting close

We got finally bought a refrigerator yesterday. We have a similar one in our current home and we love it. Lowe’s was having a sale and we got to use a friends 10% off military discount on top of the sale price so we got a great deal. Plus they are having this tax refund sale where you put the amount of your purchase on this card and then on March 18th 10% of your purchase is put on the card to use as a gift card (basically you get free money to use at Lowes)!

I went by the house today to measure the windows and closets. All the flooring is in. I am so happy we upgraded the carpet throughout the house, it looks great. All they really have left to do is touch up the paint and clean. They are even hoping to get the driveway paved tomorrow since it’s finally warming up.  Our final walkthrough is next Monday and we close on Wed. the 9th.