They finally painted our exterior yesterday – the front door, trim and shutters. 



Our grass is slowly starting to grow. They still haven’t painted our front door or shutters. I am not sure when that will happen. Also, we got our second electric bill. It was a little bit lower then the first month, but not by much. I still can’t figure out why its so high. We never have any lights on during the day since the house is so bright and only the lights on in the rooms we are in at night. All our appliances are energy star. Wondering who I could call to help figure out why it’s so high. I called the electric company and they were no help. The electrician came over and said they didn’t see anything abnormal.

I finally have my office halfway done. I got a new desk and curtains. I still need a new chair for the desk and a couch. So here are two pics of the finished half of the office. We have this little alcove (is that what it’s called?) in our entryway. I really don’t like it and have no idea what to do with it, so for the time being we hung a photo there. Any suggestions what to do with it? 

crown molding

They came this morning to fix all the issues we found in our first 30 days here. They even put crown molding around our kitchen cabinets for us since they shipped it by mistake with our cabinets. 

gas & electric

We got our first gas and electric bills this week. I was a little surprised by them. Our house has gas heat and it was fairly warm this month (highs in the 40s and 50s). The bill was only for 2 weeks, but it was only $30! I was shocked that it was so cheap. We also got our first electric bill. I was shocked that it was $145 (for one month). I thought it would be way less. We never have any lights on during the day and at night we only have lights on in the room we were in. The TV is on a lot and the computers are on too, but that is it. I was expecting it to be about $50 or so since we don’t use a lot of electricity (at least I thought we didn’t). Anyone else care to share what your electric and gas bills were recently so I can compare. Also tell me if you leave all the lights on or not. We have our 30 day check up on Monday. I have a list of stuff that needs fixed. I will post about that next week.

some stuff we’ve done

Here are a few updates we have done. We got a light for the morning room. Originally we were going to put a ceiling fan in this room, but I was at a friends and I loved the light she had over her kitchen table. We headed to Lowe’s to get the same one. It’s hard to see it well in this photo but we love it. The table is staying for the time being. It doesn’t look great but it’s perfect for the kids to color and paint at. I got two stools for the bar between the morning room and kitchen.Rugs for the master bathroom. My in laws were in town last week, so my father in law built us stairs to the backyard. Now we just need the yard to be graded and seeded. These steps will stay until we decide on a deck or patio. I still can’t make up my mind. Yesterday our new couch was delivered. The delivery guys even put our old sleeper sofa in the basement for us. We could not figure out how to get it through the doorway, so I am so grateful they did it for us. My office (the bonus room) is still a total mess. I can’t decide how I want to set it up. A friend gave this to me when we moved in. She refinished it for herself and then grew tired of it so she passed it on to me. I love it. It is the perfect place to store all my photography stuff. 


We have made a lot of progress in the past week with the house. 99% of the boxes are unpacked. My office is still a mess, but I am working on it. I forgot to mention in my last post how great our new neighbors are. The day we moved in one neighbor brought us a vegetable lasagna and garlic bread and another brought us a plate of brownies. Here are some photos of a few of the rooms that are mostly put together. Our bedroom is so big and we just have old Ikea furniture in it, so it isn’t the nicest (no pictures of it yet). I am tempted to write to Nate Burkus and ask for a room makeover. 🙂

I love the morning room. We just need a new table for it and some bar stools for the counter. We ordered new couches for the family room but they haven’t come yet. These will go in the basement once the new ones come. Guest room