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They finally painted our exterior yesterday – the front door, trim and shutters. 



Our grass is slowly starting to grow. They still haven’t painted our front door or shutters. I am not sure when that will happen. Also, we got our second electric bill. It was a little bit lower then the first month, but not by much. I still can’t figure out why its so high. We never have any lights on during the day since the house is so bright and only the lights on in the rooms we are in at night. All our appliances are energy star. Wondering who I could call to help figure out why it’s so high. I called the electric company and they were no help. The electrician came over and said they didn’t see anything abnormal.


Last week they “did” our lawn. I was under the impression that after they graded it they would put topsoil down. This is what a lot of our yard looks like. I thought they would remove a lot of the rocks. I have no idea if this is normal or not. 

I finally have my office halfway done. I got a new desk and curtains. I still need a new chair for the desk and a couch. So here are two pics of the finished half of the office. We have this little alcove (is that what it’s called?) in our entryway. I really don’t like it and have no idea what to do with it, so for the time being we hung a photo there. Any suggestions what to do with it? 

crown molding

They came this morning to fix all the issues we found in our first 30 days here. They even put crown molding around our kitchen cabinets for us since they shipped it by mistake with our cabinets. 

30 days

We have been in the house for 30 days. Crazy how fast time goes. We had our 30 day inspection on Monday. We made a list of all the problems we had found with the house. It was all pretty minor stuff that will get taken care of in the next week or two.

Here are a few of the things we found (off the top of my head since our PM took the list) – chip in the marble trim between master bedroom and bath, rust mark in kids bathroom mirror, bathtub faucet is loose, guest bedroom door doesn’t shut, crack in the trim of garage door, one piece of garage door trim was not long enough (didn’t touch the ground), some bumps in the carpet and that was pretty much it. They still need to paint the exterior and grade and seed our lawn, both of which will hopefully be done next week.

I asked about our electric bill so high and he is going to have the electrician come over and check everything out.

I am finally getting my office set up, my new desk came yesterday. So more photos will be coming soon…

gas & electric

We got our first gas and electric bills this week. I was a little surprised by them. Our house has gas heat and it was fairly warm this month (highs in the 40s and 50s). The bill was only for 2 weeks, but it was only $30! I was shocked that it was so cheap. We also got our first electric bill. I was shocked that it was $145 (for one month). I thought it would be way less. We never have any lights on during the day and at night we only have lights on in the room we were in. The TV is on a lot and the computers are on too, but that is it. I was expecting it to be about $50 or so since we don’t use a lot of electricity (at least I thought we didn’t). Anyone else care to share what your electric and gas bills were recently so I can compare. Also tell me if you leave all the lights on or not. We have our 30 day check up on Monday. I have a list of stuff that needs fixed. I will post about that next week.